Holistic Approach Requires Full-Spine X-rays

Dr. Steve utilizes a truly holistic approach, which consists of front-view, and side-view full spinal x-rays in the standing and seated positions (see below). The x-ray size is 14 inches wide by 36 inches in length.

These full spinal x-rays allow Dr. Steve to look at the spinal curvature pattern seen in car accidents, degenerative disease conditions and mental and emotional psychosomatic conditions.

Most doctors look at small segmental x-rays (see below), which are helpful to rule out fractures, dislocations, and localized pathologies.

Dr. Steve has had hundreds of patients who came to him after getting segmental x-rays and receiving various forms of chiropractic, medical and physical therapy treatment. These patients were frustrated because the experts they chose could not find the evidence to justify the acute and chronic pain they were experiencing.

A lot of doctors use the word holistic and then diagnose their patients utilizing segmental x-rays. These segmental x-rays and MRI images are often taken in the standing or lying position.

Think about how many people have been involved in car accidents that have had an MRI taken in the lying position, even though their injury took place in a seated position. For over 40 years, Dr. Steve and his father have taken standing and seated injury position full-spine x-rays from the front and side.

This systemic spinal x-ray approach documents evidence of injuries not commonly seen by other doctors who only study their patients in a non-injury position. If you’re injured in a seated position, Dr. Steve believes you should be evaluated in the seated position.

In the last several years, MRI imaging has begun to look at people in different positions of stress. While this is a step in the right direction, the majority of people are still receiving MRI imaging in a lying position. Recently, segmental x-rays have been replaced with digital segmental x-ray studies. The medical model has convinced many doctors that the segmental approach is a better way to evaluate pain and trauma. Dr. Steve uses full-spine x-rays to look for spinal curvature patterns that are seen in degenerative diseases, mental-emotional psychosomatic issues, and trauma such as car accidents, slip and falls and forward bending and lifting injuries.

Dr. Steve’s hope is that the world will alter its preferred segmental approach and start to see the power that comes from living with the complete spinal curvature picture in mind. John Green’s adage is not just true, it’s a provable science—We are greater than the sum of our parts.