Pregnant Woman Gets Adjusted by Dr. Steve in the Seated Position

Pregnant Woman Praises Dr. Steve for Treatments

Reviews from pregnant women for Dr. Steve:

10 stars if I could! This man is a true miracle. My husband and I were referred to dr. Ward by one of my co-workers and I was in so much pain I felt desperate! I’m 9 months pregnant and I suffer from sciatic nerve. Anyone who has ever felt that pain knows it’s very crippling. Being 9 months pregnant I was definitely nervous but I couldn’t be happier and dr. Ward made me feel soooo comfortable! The receptionist was also extremely comforting and sweet. This is also the only place I found that was affordable since my insurance doesn’t cover any chiropractic care what so ever! I would highly recommend dr. Ward to anyone! He has such great energy and his facility has an amazing vibe. Thank you dr. Ward and staff for everything! I will be back.  – Erin C (review on Yelp 12/12/17)

I have been coming to Dr. Ward for over 12 years and when I found him threw a friend I was in such bad pain nothing would help. Dr.Ward worked with me and I found that it is not only physical pain but emotional pain that is linked together that takes a toll on our bodies. You see when I started coming here I was going threw a lot in my personal life. So fast forward to last year and I was pregnant for the 1st time. that took a major toll on me as well because I am a hairstylist and on my feet all day. I came 2 times a week and that’s how I worked up until a week before i delivered my baby. He doesn’t adjust like the old fashioned way of pressing down on you , he sits you up on a stool against the wall, you lean in and he adjust you that way. “the wall adjustment” Dr. Ward is Amazing and his staff are the sweetest kindest ladies you will ever meet.  
– Heather Y (review on Yelp 3/27/15)

Pregnant women often suffer with leg pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain.  Early on, pregnant women often suffer from morning sickness, nausea, and headaches.  As a pregnant woman’s weight increases, they can also suffer from severe lower back pain and sciatica.  Wall adjusting is beneficial for these issues and so many others.  Dr. Steve can adjust pregnant women right up until the day they deliver.  Very quick results are often seen with the sitting Wall Adjustment Technique.