Depression & Chiropractic

Driven Behavior & Depression

The Dalai Lama was asked, what surprised him most about humanity “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money, then spends all his money to recuperate his health, then is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present. The result he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

When a person is driven in their behavior, the spine always goes forward to normal. The neck goes forward, the mid-back curve goes forward, the lumbar curve reverses.

People who are most driven are forward in both the standing and sitting position. A forward spinal curve relates to the driven mother, grandmother and or great grandmother.

When the spine begins to go forward, the person will begin to feel exhausted. The more the spine deviates forward the more immune compromised the person will be.


Depression happens when the spine goes forward in a curve and then the meninges (the plastic-like covering of the brain, brain stem and spinal cord) go into a compressed state. So when the spinal cord compresses, the brain gets squeezed. Therefore, the brain actually becomes physically depressed.

Depression often originates from a female parent source (Ex: If it’s the father who has depression, then look at his mother as the source). It’s important to understand that there is always a source in the generational tree that is the source to the depression. It never originates in the present generation solely.

In our practice, we see self-criticism, self-judgment and self-rejection all the time. Instead of choosing to be their own best friend, people choose to be their own biggest enemy. They’ve learned these behaviors as children being raised in judgment and criticism, thus becoming a product of emotional abandonment and/or rejection.

We coach those people into recognizing that they need to take a good look at the words they choose to use. They need to understand that they are a person who was created to be great and to choose words that strengthen their identity, as opposed to their natural inclination towards their generational passing of self-annihilation.

We also see a tendency to blame others, which is an issue of projection (Ex: When I blame other people or other people blame me, they are in fact, transferring certain issues within their own lives to others).

Is There a Connection Between Driven Behavior & Approval?

 There is a connection between seeking outside approval and driven behavior. A person with a left curve is looking for male parent or male peer approval. A person with a right curve wants female parent or female peer approval. In cases where the spine deviates both left and right in the spinal curve, the person is seeking approval from both male and female sources. When you give your best effort and the parent or peer doesn’t give the approval and validation that you are seeking. Even worse, you think, I am not enough.

So tha’s when we become more driven. We push ourselves more. We think by doing more, we’ll get the approval and confirmation that we need. Instead, we take on more load and deplete our bodies energy.

Type A personalities are associated with a forward spinal curvature pattern in both the standing and sitting position.

When the cervical spine is in a forward spinal curvature in both the standing and seated position, we instruct the patient to wear a cervical collar in the standing, seated and side-lying positions.

The cervical collar is a foam collar. We instruct our patients to wear it with the high part of the collar under the chin. They need to wear it when standing, if they’re in a forward curve. Or sitting, if they’re in a seated forward curve.

If they side sleep in a fetal position, we often have them wear the cervical collar while they sleep to support their head, so that the head does not drop to the chest. The result is that they sleep on their side, but not all curled up in a fetal position. The cervical collar supports the weight of the head and immediately reduces neck and upper back pain.

The use of the seat wedge over time greatly reduces the severity of the forward exhaustion curve. In many cases we instruct the patient to slump while they sit, to bring the mid-back curve backward closer to normal. Slumping reestablishes the curve and brings energy back into the body.

Over time, we decrease the size of the wedge. The patient may start with a 3 wedge and go down to a 2 wedge and then not need a wedge at all. This is because the spinal curve has reestablished itself and the person’s energy is healthier.

Full spine x-ray evidence demonstrates that the cervical collar and seat wedge works for our patients. We have many examples of test radiography comparing full-spine patient X-rays to full-spine X-rays taken with the patient sitting on a wedge and using the cervical collar. In case after case you see a dramatic improvement from x-rays without the supports to X-rays with the supports.

The seat wedge counterbalances the spine and brings the forward neck and mid-back curve backward, closer to normal. By utilizing the cervical collar and a seat wedge, we can:

1. Immediately transform their spine into a healthier spine.

2. Impact the systemic energy of the person.

We see spectacular results in learning disabilities and immune compromising degenerative diseases. The body will begin to adapt to the cervical collar and seat wedge. It immediately works to produce a healthier cervical curve and mid-back spinal curve.

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