We have been going to Dr. Steve since we moved to California in 2007. He is the most effective chiropractor I have ever been to. We have seen many chiropractors with a variety of techniques over the years as we have lived in six states. The first thing I did after our car accident in 2011 was call Dr. Steve. Literally, from the site where we were rear ended. I truly realized how talented Dr. Steve is after our car accident. His adjustments kept us from suffering more serious neck pain and damage from our injuries. My four children, husband and I all get adjustments from Dr. Steve. I trust him fully and know that he is a doctor we can always count on.

~Beth C.


I have been to many chiropractors and Dr. Ward is the best. The technique he uses actually works. I can be in and out in 5 minutes and I instantly feel better. I wish he was open more days!!

~Ali G.


Dr. Steve is amazing! His ability to pin point my issues both physically and emotionally has been a lifesaver. I have learned so much about how my emotional health effects my physical health and his kind words and reassurance are always of great comfort to me! I can’t say enough about how much his work has changed my life!

~Dana H.


I had so many aches and pains, after just 3 treatments my back was feeling better. Years of backs aches and Steve Magic hands did wonders. Really we should keep it a secret so I do not have a long wait in his waiting room HE IS THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

~Brian B.


Not only have I received the best adjustment ever, but Dr. Steve also advises me on how the stresses in my life are affecting my spinal health. The adjustment helps me feel better immediately and the suggestions for ‘stress’ reduction always help keep me in good health!

~Mari K.


I first took my son (muscular dystrophy) to Ward Chiropractic in 1991. Dr. Steve got immediate, outstanding results with Garth. I have seen many other similar over the years. I don’t think there is anyone anywhere who gets better results with tough cases than Dr. Steve.

~Richard D.


I suffer from severe complicated scoliosis. Looking for any alternative to risky surgery I came to Ward Chiropractic as a teenager. I felt so much better after just 1 treatment. I’ve been coming ever since from Riverside every week for 3/4 of my life! So happy to find a chiropractor that understands and is willing to take on even the toughest cases. I’m always amazed at the instant relief after a treatment. I highly recommend giving this a try before making any major decisions on how best to treat or manage any severe conditions. ANY relief from major pain is welcome!

~Michelle S.


I found Dr. Steve through a good friend of mine who’s been seeing him for the past year. I’ve always been a little hesitant with chiropractors because I’ve had some really bad experiences, but Dr. Steve has changed that perception. I’m extremely grateful to have found him and, even though I live in LA, I find the drive to Long Beach to be worth ever minute of traffic. His experience and wisdom is priceless! My body has changed on so many levels, which has deeply affected my emotional and mental states. The true testament to his work is given by the people around me who have been commenting on how different I look as well as how much happier I am. Thank you, Dr. Steve, for all of your dedication and passion that you give to your work and share with us, your patients!

~Joseph S.


Dr. Steve has transformed and supported me physically and emotionally. His technique not only improves any pain I experience from my career as a hairdresser to emotional pain I’ve held from birth. He also explains to me about our generational issues that arise throughout life. He is spiritual and knowledgeable and has helped me live a more positive life! He is a true healer sent from God.

~Tabatha W.


I went to see Dr. Ward for the first time about 15 years ago in terrible pain. I had seen another chiropractor that morning and the other chiropractor had exacerbated the pain I was in. I left Dr. Ward’s office in NO PAIN! He helped me to understand my condition from a Mind-Body perspective and how I could prevent pain in the future…all in a half hour. I have seen him all these years because he is trustworthy, honest, extremely knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, compassionate and gets results! I cannot speak highly enough of him. He is of great character and you will feel safe entrusting your wellbeing with him.

~Andrea G.


Well it’s been an awesome journey for my family you see my boys were diagnosed with a rare disease called Becker muscular dystrophy. When the doctor gave us that news it was very scary because they said there was basically nothing that we could do. That’s something you never want to hear as a parent, we always want to be able to keep our kids safe and happy and never want to see them hurt or have pain. This disease causes a lot of pain and can cause loss of mobility. So we were very upset and didn’t know where to turn. Then we found out about Ward Chiropractic and how he worked with children with MD and had amazing results. So we went and not only did the boys feel better physically but emotionally it’s been the best thing for our family! At first it was all about the boys, but now my daughter and I think its all about us we love getting adjustments and Dr.Ward gives so much time and care he’s the most giving, loving doc you’ll ever meet. You always leave feeling great! It’s been 9yrs and we come all the way from New Jersey! So I definitely would say go see Dr.Ward your body and mind will feel so good.

~Tanya B.


Dr. Steve was able to immediately relieve my chronic lower back pain and tingling down my left leg. Dr. Steve enlightened me and my entire family on a level that I never expected. Relieving the family of the dysfunctional chain that bounded us. I found that many of the issues that have impacted my family had originated way before me. What was most surprising, revealing and relieving was those issues that I thought were directly related to me began in a prior generation and now I no longer live with that unhealthy burden. His expertise in the mind-body and spiritual sense is why he earns the right to be called Dr. Wonderful. His pricing was very affordable and the result was life changing. I highly recommended him to all my friends, co-workers and family. P.S. Dr. Wonderful went far and beyond anything I ever expected. My family and I have been transformed; this was a blessing from God.

~Dom G.


I have known Dr. Steve a long time, considerably longer than he has been known as Dr. Steve. In fact, when Dr. Steve was just a kid I grew up going to his father for my chiropractic care. Once I started going to Dr. Steve I began to feel that chiropractic care would always be a very important part of my health routine — as important as exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Steve has been my chiropractor through various moves that took me well away from the Long Beach area (including Elk Grove; Newnan, Ga.; Clovis), and I continue to travel from wherever I live back to see him. I have had many chiropractors over the years, but there is no one who can do the kind of spinal adjustment Dr. Steve can do. For me, his seated-up-against-the-wall adjustment is by far the most effective spinal adjustment I have ever received. The other thing that makes Dr. Steve head and shoulders above other chiropractors is his ability to talk to his patients about what the condition of their spine relates to in terms of their emotional stress and/or what is going on in their lives — and vice versa. Dr. Steve can talk to anyone — at his or her level — and allow him or her to feel understood and appreciated. He truly is a gifted chiropractor! Dr. Steve also helped my husband, who did not think highly of chiropractic care, recover from chronic low back pain he thought he would have to live with forever. Dr. Steve’s chiropractic skills changed my husband’s life! I would recommend EVERYONE to go to Dr. Steve for his or her chiropractic needs!

~Nancy C.


I was grocery shopping at the local supermarket. At the produce department there was a woman who I was talking to. I told her I was a little woozy from having acupuncture done. She asked if I had ever gone to Dr. Steve Ward. She told me about her daughter having leukemia and was nauseous from the chemicals. Her daughter started going to Dr. Ward. Her nausea has left and her Mother started using him for her adjustments. She told me he is the best so I decided to try him. I had back surgery 12 years ago with no relief. My spine is narrowing and I am bone against spine 24 hours a day. The pain had made my life miserable and I have tried acupuncture, epidural, massages, Jacuzzi, heat packs and ice packs. I lost hope. Then I went to Dr. Ward who is local, has a friendly place where everyone is talking about how he has helped so many with their health problems. Dr. Ward is not the usual chiropractor – no. He and his father who also was a chiropractor treat patients using “wall adjustment technique”. You have got to try it — for there is hope!! You feel a sense of relief after his wall adjustment technique. Anytime I go for an adjustment my entire body has a feeling of floating — the pain isn’t there for a period of time. I had no hope before I met Dr. Steve Ward. Now I do and I am so glad that Long Beach has a terrific chiropractor and he is really “Long Beach’s Best Kept Secret”. I’m sharing this with you.

~Gwen D.